Our kittens
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At home, kittens are our "babies". They are born in our bedroom that will have been converted into a nursery for the occasion and grow up surrounded by the great attention and all our love.

We try to give them an environment as rich and stimulating as possible, with many toys and small climbing trees of many different colours and textures. We gradually get used them to the usual noises of the home (voices and music with the radio, noise of the vacuum cleaner, and later with television and other things ), to enhance their socialization and maintain their sweet tempers.

We handle the kittens soon after their birth and play with them and stimulate them as much as possible. We also gradually get them used them to grooming, toothbrushing, claw trimming, and cleaning of their eyes and ears. We acclimate them to wearing a harness a little bit later.

Once they will have had their first vaccinations, we put them with other cats of the house in our presence.

In order to ensure of their happiness and a life without worries, apart very rare cases, our kittens are sold for "company" and therefore they leave home between 15 and 17 weeks already neutered.

They They leave home with the all of their “shots”, microchip identification, testing for FeLV and FIV, a written contract, and a LOOF pedigree (the Official French StudBook).


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