Our family

I'm Anne Lena, I share my life and my passion for "The Cat" with Etienne. We live surrounded our Abyssinians to our greatest happiness, without forgetting to mention our chameleon, Jarod.

In 2000, I met an Abyssinian for the first time at a pet show. That day I fell in love with the breed when I first saw Philae, a blue Abyssinian.
It was Philae who, three years later, bestowed on me the great favour of giving me our little blue girl, Ulwen Bunny Paradise.

Ulwen (aka Doudouce) entered our life in May 2003 as our first Abyssinian and became the matriarch of Ulunlaë Abyssinian breeding. Since that day, we lived a great love together and my passion for the Abyssinian breed keeps growing.
Ulwen passed rainbow bridge in june 2016.
We love you sweet Doudouce and you stay in our hearts for ever!!!

Our cats live in our home as parts of our family.
We share our time and affection with the group of males and the group of females though rotations scheduled twice a day.

All of our breeding cats are tested FIV, FeLV, PKdef, PRA ,and they are blood typed. They are also tested negative of T. foetus by InPouchTF test.

My goal is to improve the elegant and modern type of my cats, and the warm colour of my blues and fawns, also to breed healthy kittens with sweet temperments.
I breed "real abyssinians" and no "ShortHair somalis". None of my cats is LongHair genes carrier (4 LH genes tested by UC Davis).



We live in Franchassy, a little village in the mountain region of Ardèche - France.

Our quiet garden

Our sweet home


© Anne Léna ~ Les Abyssins d'Ulunlaë